Sopot is a beautiful seaside city, located by the Gdańsk Bay, making up the Tricity, along with Gdańsk and Gdynia. It’s area is 17.31 square kilometers, and the city’s population is 38 460 residents. Every year Sopot is visited by large amounts of tourists due to the fact that it’s a popular seaside spa. Here’s what attracts visitors the most:

Monuments and attractions:

  • The John Paul II Pier in Sopot: this is practically the most distinctive sign of this city. It is the longest pier in Europe, boasting a length of 500 meters. At first it functioned as a local harbor, now it is a recreational place where crowds of tourists go for walks.


  • The Forest Opera: Also a very known object associated with Sopot. It is a forest amphitheater, where the annual Sopot Festival is held. However, there are also classical music concerts held on the opera stage. The concert hall is also the home of the Polish Chamber Philharmonic


  • The Crooked House: an unusual building on ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53. The house is part of the Resident Shopping Center. Inside we can find catering premises, a gaming room and commercial spaces.


  • A Jewish Cemetery: a cemetery founded in 1913 thanks to financial support coming from Caspar Silberstein. It is a burial place for members of families living in Gdańsk. The tombstones have inscriptions in several different languages.

The beach in Sopot:

It is a place of relaxation for tourists visiting the city. The beach is guarded during vacation, thus it is a safe place for both adults and children.


Sopot is famous for holding many recurring events, such as:

  • The International Sopot Festival
  • The Sopot Hit Festival
  • TOPtrendy
  • Jedynka Festival
  • Polish Theatre, Radio and Televition Festival
  • Sopot Film Festival